If you use Jabber with UCM as a calling-only app or Jabber with UCM/IMP as a standalone IM&P app, this won't impact you.
Webex app and Meetings customers will be unaffected, too. You're all good!

The new messaging experience has arrived

Update Jabber with Webex Messenger and Jabber Team Messaging Mode to the Webex App between June 30 and March 31, 2021.

Why it matters

We've got all the tools and information you need to move from Jabber with Webex Messenger or Jabber Team Messaging Mode to the Webex app. Meet your team on video, schedule meetings, and more. With pre- and post-meeting collaboration and the ability to see files and conversations across all devices, teamwork has never been easier.

With the Webex App, communication is seamless and secure. Find everything you need to switch your team over quickly, so they can hit the ground running.


Access recordings and content from Cisco experts in a two-day workshop guiding you through the update program.

Offer readiness

Good news! Most customers already have entitlements for Webex. All you need to do is enable Webex and submit a change modify order to remove the Messenger SKU. If you don’t, however, you can easily update the service agreement by moving to Flex or adding the Webex entitlement.

From Messenger to the Webex App

Everything you love about Jabber with Messenger and so much more. Your new messaging experience has arrived.


Jabber with Messenger

Webex Teams


Prepare for the technical change

Transform the way you administer Webex within Control Hub, your single pane of glass for all your administrative needs. Leverage an updated platform with increased analytics, troubleshooting and diagnostics tools, detailed reporting, as well as user and device management.
You won’t lose anything you had in Jabber with Messenger, such as admin control, messaging capabilities, and more. To ensure success with the Webex app and a smooth switchover, you’ll need to follow some technical steps as part of the setup. Check out our guide below to get started.

Persistent messaging

This is what the Webex app uses. If reduced data retention is important, you can configure this in Webex. The retention period can be set down to 24 hours.

Webex Meetings experience

The Webex app offers the same pop-out to the Webex Meetings experience offered in Jabber with Messenger, providing access to full Webex Meetings features and a familiar experience.

XMPP federation

Webex supports XMPP federation, which enables users to send a plain text message to anyone using any XMPP-compliant messaging platform.

Release management

Control the Webex app updates cadence to ensure users get the updates they need, when they need them.

Advanced calling

A comprehensive set of UCM Calling features are now available in the Webex app and we'll continue rolling out improved functionality monthly. Integrate your Unified CM environment with Webex and then configure and set up the calling behavior for your organization. Check out our technical guide to get guidance on the the right configuration for your teams.
Have questions about technical requirements? Access our Update Program FAQ page.

How to get started with Webex


Set up Control Hub

Create a Control Hub org if you don’t currently have one and then complete the initial setup. We highly encourage you to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for a consistent user sign-in experience.

Set up messaging

Enable Common Identity (CI) linking (optional) in Messenger to allow for a phased update process across your organization. We recommend having a flash cutover, so all users are updated at the same time. Set policies to allow for things like XMPP federation, retention, and compliance.

Align meeting site(s)

Link your site, users, and accounts to gain comprehensive reporting for your meeting site in Control Hub. Next, enable the cross-launch of Webex Meetings to give your team the same experience they had in Messenger.

Align calling

The Webex app integrates with Cisco call services, so you can set Webex Calling behavior in Control Hub. If some team members require multi-line or Contact Center features, these users can be configured in Control Hub for these services.

Manage users and app rollout

Configure default settings for account creation. Enabling Cisco Directory Connector allows for automatic user management, which we recommend for larger, more mature organizations that use Active Directory. Deploy the Webex app, and decommission the Messenger org.
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Your user launch kit

Need some help? Download and customize individual guides and resources or get the complete toolkit to help notify your team of the update to Webex.

Quick start guide. Familiarize your users with everything Webex can help them accomplish.

Download the quick start guide

Email templates. Announce the transition to Webex and show your users the new features.

Download email templates

Product images. Introduce users to the new Webex by sharing images of the product in use in your internal update announcements.

Download product images

Introduce your team
to the Webex app

Spread the word and schedule trainings for your team
Encourage your company to use Webex by showing them how productive they can be, how easy it is to use, and how simple collaboration really can be.

Got five minutes? Watch our quick video about updating from Jabber to Webex.

Share the Jabber to Webex resources page with your users.

Recruit champions

Identify quick learners and power users to help lead adoption and an improved standard of communication within your organization.
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Access recordings and content from Cisco experts in a two-day
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