Get comfortable with collaboration

Connect and collaborate with your team, all in Webex. Master the basics and be ready for whatever the workday throws your way.

Virtually tap on your coworker's shoulder

Engage your colleagues with the click of a button. Send a message, jump on a call, meet instantly, or simply say good morning, all in the new Webex.

Message a teammate

Communicate one-on-one with a colleague to get answers fast, give an update, or even share a project file. No need to scroll through long email threads or wait for your team to be available on IM.

Say hi

Connect now

Sometimes, it's just easier to talk live. When you need to connect immediately or have a one-on-one, jump on Webex.

Make a one-on-one call Have an instant meeting

Make Webex work for you

You've got a busy day ahead of you with meetings, check-ins with your boss, and more. Check your schedule, catch up on your messages, and even present a big idea to leadership, all in one place. 

Virtual backgrounds and Grid View

Is your office a little bit of a mess right now? Or maybe you're working on the go and don't have a distraction-free background? Use Webex's virtual or blurred backgrounds to create a serene scene behind you.

Want to connect with your entire team? Grid View lets you see everyone's face at once when no one’s sharing content.

Change up your view

Feel your best on video

Build stronger connections with your team and greet them with a smile by turning on video.

Get tips for video success

Find your flow

Now that you have your coffee, it's time to work. Use Webex throughout your day to stay on top of messages, meetings, and projects.

Life on Webex

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