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Legislate for Webex helps your governing body stay connected by allowing for meetings and hearings—remotely or in person—so you can keep making progress for your constituents.

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By implementing our five-pillar apporach to adoption, you can help drive Legislate for Webex user adoption and ensu re success with Webex for your governing bodies.

Leadership: Ensure that leadership explains to change managers how Webex will keep your governing body connected and running smoothly.


Technical readiness: Prepare and set up your Webex environment to ensure that it meets your needs from the get-go.


Use cases: Communicate how Legislate for Webex will work in your governing body. You can also share stories and scenarios based on user roles.


Communications: Spread the word throughout your governing body to quickly get everyone onboarded, trained, and comfortable using Legislate for Webex.


Champions: Get Legislate for Webex users to educate others on how to use it and share stories about hybrid governing to help foster adoption.

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Legislate for Webex is your new way to hold virtual hearings and vote as a governing body. You can maintain your legislative sessions from wherever you are and invite your constituents, too. Stay connected even in a hybrid environment. See all you can do:

Never miss a vote


Get on-demand experts for your hearing


Let citizens be heard during proceedings, no travel required


Ensure accessibility with inclusive and accessible technologies


Hold instant legislative sessions that allow for decisive action


Maintain institutional traditions virtually


Preserve security and accuracy

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