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Make work happen, all in one place, with Webex. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to get started and become a true collaboration expert. Ready to go?

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Let's get you started with the Webex App. We've got everything you need to hit the ground running.

Meet Webex

Webex empowers you and your team to collaborate from anywhere—with messaging, file and screen sharing, calling, video meetings, whiteboarding, and more.
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Download the app

Before you begin, install the Webex app. You can also access Webex in your browser at

Invite your people

What's teamwork without your team? Adding people is quick and easy in Webex—just click on the People tab in a space and invite your colleagues by email. Once they sign up or sign in, they'll be automatically added to the space.

Get to know your Webex

Take a moment to look around. Customize your Webex, try a test meeting, or jump into the app and take a tour of your new super tool.

Personalize your Webex

Give your name a face and make it easy for people to identify you in Webex by uploading a profile picture.
Click on your profile icon (the circle with your initials).
Click on the camera icon to browse photos and choose which one you want to use.
Voila! You now have a profile picture.

Take a test drive

Take the Webex app tour
Find out how you can make communication simple, collaborate effortlessly across your team, and even show off your personality, all in the app.
Give meetings a go!
Test your audio, find the best angle on video, and check out all the bells and whistles so you're ready to crush your first meeting.

Try connecting

Whether you're sending a message, hosting a team meeting, or making a quick call to your boss, connecting has never been easier.

Send someone a message

You can quickly contact internal or external people, send them a direct message, or create a group space.
Click the add icon "+" and choose Send a direct message or Create a space.
Type the name or email of the person in the Search field.
Click the individual you want to chat with.
Once in the space, type your message and press Enter. It's that easy!

Edit messages

Send a typo? No problem, hover over your message and click to edit your message. Then, make your changes and click Update. After you update the message, you'll see (Edited) next to it in the space.


To get someone’s attention in a group space, @mention their name. They will see @ next to the space, showing that their name has been tagged. Or, use @all to notify everyone in the space.

Give your messages some personality

You can customize your messages by formatting the text, inserting emojis and GIFs, or adding attachments and screen captures. Let someone know how you feel about their message using emoji reactions.

Answer a specific message in a thread

Hover your mouse over the message and use the arrow option.

Start a meeting

There are different ways to meet in Webex.
One easy way is to:
Select the name of the person or the space where you want to start a meeting.
In a group space, click the Meet button at the top of the space to start a meeting. In a direct message, click the Call button.
Click Start meeting. Everyone in this space will be notified it’s time to join.

Join an ongoing meeting in a space

Click on the green meeting timer in the space and select Join from the menu or click the meeting notification on your screen as the meeting starts.

Make calls

Whether you want to show your face on camera or make a quick audio-only call, you can do it easily with the click of a button.

To make an audio-only call, click the
If you’d like to start your call with video, click the
If your Webex account is configured to call anyone with a phone number, you can make a call just like you would from any other type of phone, not just to those with a Webex account.
Want to order lunch from your favorite restaurant? Call them right from the app and place your order.
Learn how to call others with a phone number

Answer calls

When you receive a call, you’ll see a notification allowing you to:

Message: If the caller is also a Webex user, you can reply with a direct message instead of answering the call.
Decline: If you can’t answer now.
Answer: Take the call.

Easily manage your calls

Hold: Gather the information you need or answer another call by placing your current call on hold. Resume when you're ready.
Transfer: When you're on a call, you can easily transfer it to another person and give them a heads up on why you're transferring the call.
Add a person: When you're on a call, you can quickly add another person to make it a conference call.
Get to know your call functions
Want to know everything you can do with your calling solution?
Identify which service you have and get started with a better calling experience.
Find out what calling service you have


We'll show you how to organize projects in Webex and understand when to use teams and spaces. You can share files and whiteboard together to take team collaboration to the next level.

When to use spaces versus teams



You can think of a space as a virtual room with two or more people, where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, share files, and whiteboard with everyone in the space.

Instead of asking project-specific questions within your broader team, you can create spaces based on projects. This way, only the relevant colleagues see updates, roadblocks, or any other communication around your project.

Send files, share ideas, schedule project meetings, and more, all within your space.


Teams help keep everything organized and are great for a group of people working together on multiple projects across various spaces.

Let’s say you manage the human resources department. To stay organized and easily share departmental news, you can create a “Human Resources” team in Webex.

Within the team, you can create spaces for groups like Benefits and Recruiting or spaces for each project your department is working on.

Share in spaces


Share everything

Drag and drop files into any space or click the at the bottom of the space to attach a file from your computer. You can also share files without downloading and re-uploading.

Whiteboard together in a space

Create a whiteboard and draw out your ideas instantly. Changes save automatically and your whiteboard is added to the space, allowing anyone to edit or share with other teammates.


We'll show you how to schedule and control meetings with ease. You can also use virtual backgrounds when your office is a mess, you're on the go, or you just want to change it up!

Schedule meetings with ease from the desktop app


Scheduling with Microsoft Outlook

When using the desktop Webex app, click on the Meetings tab and select Schedule Meeting.
If you have Outlook, it will automatically open a new calendar invite and auto-populate the Webex invite information.
If you have either the Webex Meetings Scheduler for Microsoft Office 365 or the Webex Productivity Tools add-in, you can schedule your meeting directly in Outlook.

Scheduling through your meeting site

When using Webex, click on the Meetings tab and select Schedule Meeting.
The Schedule a Meeting page will open.
Select a meeting template and enter the meeting information into the invite.
Invite attendees by email address and then click Schedule.
If you can’t access your calendar, you can still schedule a meeting—just use your Personal Room or schedule from the space.

Change up your view

See more faces with Grid View

Use Grid View when you're in a meeting to see everyone on the call when no one is sharing content.

Create a distraction-free background

Blur distracting backgrounds during video calls when you join through the Webex desktop app. You can even use your own image as a virtual background! For the best results, use an image larger than 1280 x 720 pixels.

Explore meeting controls

Your meetings should run smoothly and Webex meeting controls can make that happen.
Click Mute when you're not talking.
Click Unmute when you want to talk. When it's red, you're muted.
Turn off video by clicking Stop Video.
Turn on video by clicking Start Video.
Share your screen when you want to show slides, documents, and more. Click Share to start sharing.
Record the meeting to share with people who can’t attend. Click Record to begin and click it again to stop the recording at any time. We’ll email you the recording link post-meeting to share with others
End the meeting. If you’re the host and want to leave the meeting, assign a new host so others can continue.

Click the Participants icon to see all meeting participants. The icon will turn blue when the participant list is up.
Send a message to the presenter or other attendees and ask questions during your meeting by clicking on the Chat icon. The chat bubble will turn blue and the conversations will show up on the right panel.
View your options by clicking on the three dots. You can lock the meeting for restricted access or copy the meeting link to send to others in a message.

Share in meetings


Share anything

It’s always easier to explain by showing. While in your meeting, share an application, file, or your entire screen with remote guests in real-time.
Click Share.
Select the content you want to share, including individual files or documents, applications, multimedia, or your entire screen with everything you have open and in view.

Whiteboard together in a meeting

When you whiteboard, you can visualize concepts and come up with great ideas. It will automatically save and you can share it with the team post-meeting.

Click and then select New Whiteboard.

Notetaking for all

Want to take notes while sharing content? Whether you’re receiving feedback or simply want to make note of something, annotating allows you to add notes to view later. You can even allow other participants to annotate, too.
While you’re sharing content, hover the mouse over the You’re sharing message at the top of the screen and click Annotate.
Click an option from the Annotate toolbar.
Meeting hosts can allow participants to annotate content that’s being shared.
Click on the Participant menu.
Select Assign Privileges.
Select Participants and check the Annotate checkbox.

Manage your meetings with breakout sessions

Leading a training session or working with a large group? Use breakout sessions to place meeting participants into smaller groups where they can share ideas and collaborate together.
Ready to break?
Get the most from your breakout sessions
As a breakout session attendee, you can see who else is in your session, ask the host for help, and more.


Need to talk through a quick project or connect with someone one-on-one? Open Webex to answer or make a call.

Make a video call

Make calls to anyone with a Webex account—in or out of your organization. You can enhance your calls by sharing screens, whiteboards, and more. Just open the app to make or answer calls.
Have a Cisco Webex device? Pair it with the Webex app to make or answer calls. Make all the calls you need, no phone required. It's that easy.

A better way to collaborate with calling

Want to know everything you can do with your calling solution? Identify which service you have and get started with a better calling experience.


Use the multi-line capability to manage multiple phone lines in the Webex app. Users can now use the app to direct calls for up to eight lines between leaders and their admins, teammates, external contacts, and more.

Powered up features

Call recording
Use the Webex app to make calls and record them automatically based on your calling configuration. Whether you need to record a call for regulatory compliance or for quick reference later, we've got you covered.
Call routing
Use hunt groups to automatically route calls based on your team's needs. Are you on a sales team that needs sequential routing or a support team that requires calls to go to the first available agent? Either way, your administrator can set up hunt groups that take the stress out of call routing.
Did you miss an important call? With visual voicemail, you can quickly listen to or view your messages easily.

More than just calling

Webex Calling includes all the basics like hold and transfer, but with more advanced features, too. Forward or merge calls, share a line, set up call waiting, and more—all while on a call.
Your call experience is no longer about calling only—you can do video calls, switch devices, whiteboard, and more. Do all this with ease on Webex.

Free yourself from your desk

Work can happen anywhere. With Webex, you don’t need to be at your desk for your next meeting, to connect on a project, or to share an update.

Get the mobile app

You can use Webex on your computer, mobile device, or web browser. Install it on multiple devices and switch between them, hassle-free, because the app adjusts to the device you're using. Your content stays in sync because everything is stored in the cloud.
Download the Webex app:

How to use the Webex mobile app

With the mobile app, you can do everything you do on your desktop without staying tethered to your desk. Check in with work no matter where you are.

You can schedule meetings or meet immediately, set a status so your team knows when you’re available, and check your calendar to plan out your day.

When you’re on the go, you can stay updated by checking your spaces, teams, and direct messages. You can also get notified when someone @mentions you, you receive a direct message, or there’s activity in your favorited spaces. With so many ways to stay connected to work, you can finally free yourself from your desk.

Status, preferences, and notifications

Click your profile picture to update your picture or name, access your settings and preferences, and set your status. If you have some important work to finish or are on a call, let people know that you don't want to be disturbed: whether that's for a few minutes or an entire day is up to you.

Calling and meeting

Make an audio call to a person.
Make a video call to a person.
Start a meeting with everyone in the space.
Joining a Webex meeting on mobile for the first time? You'll be prompted to download the Webex Meetings app so you can join quickly from anywhere.

How to use the Webex Meetings mobile app


Use the Webex Meetings mobile app to tailor your settings, including notifications, audio and video preferences for meetings, and calendar integrations on your device.

To view and adjust your settings, open the app and click .

Schedule a meeting

Swipe left to My Meetings, then tap the schedule icon in the upper-right corner of the app.
Give your meeting a title.
Edit the time and date of the meeting.
Add the email addresses of your meeting guests.
Tap Schedule in the upper-right corner.

Join a scheduled meeting

Quickly join a scheduled Webex meeting or jump into a Personal Room meeting with the app.
Swipe left to view My Meetings and then tap Join. You can also click Join Meeting, enter the meeting number, Personal Room URL, or the host’s username, and then tap Join.
From your calendar, you can click Join on the meeting event.

Best practices

Learn how to integrate Webex into your workday and how to get the most out of meetings, messaging, and calling.

A day in the life on Webex

After you pour your first cup of coffee, it’s time to start your workday. Preview your day by checking your calendar tab and any upcoming meetings so you can prep or schedule team meetings during open pockets throughout the day. Starting your day with Webex also includes quickly checking for project updates, team progress, @mentions, any files sent your way, and more.

When looking at your @mentions from coworkers or in spaces, keep an eye out for action items or questions that need your assistance. You can even flag messages that you want to come back to. After checking @mentions, filter your spaces for favorites to catch up on conversations and get project updates. Favorited spaces are typically where you do most of your work, so you’ll want to make sure you’re up to date on everything.
You can also catch up on some reading by scanning through your lower priority spaces for any important communication, project updates, and files you may have missed.

You’ve officially started your day with Webex and now it’s time to get to work!

Get comfortable on video

Have the confidence to be yourself on camera. We’ve got a few tips that will have you looking and feeling your best on video for your next meeting.
Check your surroundings. Before you join, look for anything that could be distracting, like that pile of unfolded laundry or dizzying painting behind you. Tidy spaces and clear backgrounds help everyone stay focused on you.
Find your angles. Ensure you look your best by avoiding bright lights above or behind you. Keep your chin up, your shoulders squared, and the camera at eye level. You look great!
Optimize meeting quality. Switch to Wi-Fi for better sound and video quality and mute yourself when you’re not talking. This will help reduce background noise for everyone, so you can all focus on the meeting.
Be you. Being professional doesn’t mean you have to abandon your personality. Maintain eye contact and be respectful but embrace your quirks, too. Smile, you’re on Webex!

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