Successful adoption requires more than an onboarding plan

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Adoption starts with a plan. Successful adoption doesn't stop there. It needs a proven methodology for sustainable success and an actionable roadmap to realize your business goals and accelerate your outcomes.

Using inclusive collaboration, we show our customers what’s possible and empower them to achieve their goals, no matter how big. We help customers adapt to new ways of working, so they can get work done—from anywhere.


Are you prepared?

You’ve probably thought about how you’re going to drive adoption within your organization, but have you considered the technical requirements of deployment?

We’ll help you prepare for everything you need on the technical side to be successful when you roll out Webex.

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Become an adoption pro

Have you started thinking about how you're going to drive the adoption of Webex across your organization? If not, no worries, we're here to help!

Our adoption masterclass is your one-stop shop for all things Webex adoption. In this virtual class, you'll learn how to transition to Webex, maximize your results, and, ultimately, become an adoption champion.

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Plan your deployment

Rolling out Webex can be seamless if you plan early. We’ve got everything you need to get started with your deployment.

Before launch, you'll want to fully understand what success looks like, plan out an onboarding process, and share content that shows your team why they should adopt Webex.

Planning now will ensure a smooth deployment and help drive adoption across your organization. And we're here to help you along the way!

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Your adoption resources

Explore our resources to learn how to build out your plan, drive adoption, and empower your adoption champions.

Understand your why

As you start on your Webex adoption journey, you'll want to understand why you're deploying Webex in the first place. Our Business Drivers for Webex guide will help you get started and establish smart business goals for your organization.

Business drivers workbook Business case template

Ensure success from the get-go

Whether you’re just starting to plan, recently launched Webex, or are trying to figure out how to drive adoption, we’ve got resources to help you optimize. We know the challenges, so we created resources to help you avoid them.

Pillars of success IT resources Leadership play card

Track and measure your success

Now that your plan’s in action, it's time to check in on how things are going. Set some goals and establish measurements for success so you can track your progress. Our guides will walk you through the three best ways to measure results.

Your measurement guide Webex adoption survey

Build your adoption dream team

After you roll out Webex, you’ll want to ensure that your teams have fully adopted it. We’ll show you how to identify adoption champions who will help drive adoption throughout your organization.

Build your adoption dream team

Who, what, when

When planning for your Webex launch and adoption efforts, make sure you establish who needs to complete certain tasks, what needs to be done, and when it needs to be completed. This will help keep everything on track. We’ll show you how.

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All you need,
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Want to get started right away? Head on over to our Resources Hub to customize, download, and share resources like GIFs, guides, and more focused on adoption, leveling up how you work, and more.

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Your industry, your Webex

Are you an educator, government worker, financial advisor, or nurse? Read below to see how Webex can work for you.


Make learning accessible and flexible to reach more students in different ways. Our education solutions help you use Webex to connect schools and campuses, promote active learning, streamline administration, improve safety and security, and fuel innovative research.

Inside our Webex for Education toolkits is practical information you can use to engage administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Materials include role-specific quick start guides, technical resources, best practices, and promotional assets to help drive awareness and adoption of Webex.

Webex for Higher Education

Download editable source files (English only)

Webex for Schools

Download editable source files (English only)

Personalize and tweak these assets to suit your needs.

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We have created products to help streamline the way government and public service employees work. With Webex, you can keep your teams connected and streamline your legislative sessions to keep things moving, whether you're in the field or at home. We've got the resources you need to help drive adoption and encourage collaboration in the public services sector—emergency services and police and fire departments—and in your legislative assemblies.

Webex for Legislative Assemblies

Keep your legislative sessions running smoothly

Webex for Public Service

Download editable source files (English only)

Personalize and tweak these assets to suit your needs.

Download editable source files

Financial services

For financial services institutions, it’s crucial to offer the best experience and to maintain smooth, secure back-office processes. Webex makes connecting across branches and with customers more flexible than before.

This toolkit is designed to help you drive adoption of Webex internally, and to inspire use of Webex with customers. You will find tools made to get customers comfortable with working with you virtually, for more flexible banking and service.

Webex for Financial Services

Download editable source files (English only)

Personalize and tweak these assets to suit your needs.

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Enable your healthcare institution to provide secure virtual care with Webex, whether conducting virtual consultations or using collaboration to aid in-person care.

Access resources to train your clinicians and care teams on how to provide smooth virtual consultations over Webex. Educate and prepare your patients and their families on what to expect from telemedicine or virtual visitations. Ensure that your administrative staff is equipped to facilitate virtual care. And of course, IT can access all the resources needed to set up a secure and user-friendly Webex experience.

Virtual visitation

Download editable source files (English only)

Personalize and tweak these assets to suit your needs.

Download editable source files